Printing Press for etchings, dry-needle, engravings etc

I found a clever high pressure printing press at It can handle quite large formats despite the very compact design.

I made a similar one mounted on a sturdy table. The press does not occupy much space on the table when not used. The frame is made of aluminium profile and the parts are screwed together.

The printing head has ball bearings for the rollers. This is essential as you will apply very high pressure to make good prints. It's amazing what you can do with this simple press - credits to Uber Press.
PressTesting the press for the first time. The table legs are not mounted yet.

PressThe printing head is rolled between the frame and the table. Large pieces can be printed by rolling slice by slice. Plates, blankets, ink and paper are used the same way you would using a common graphics press. PressThe steel roller works against the blanket-plate-paper while the plastic covered roller faces the frame.


Dry-needle by Mattias Wernersson, the family artist.