Photo Magazine

I have published about 800 pages in the leading Scandinavian Photo Magazine "FOTO" between 1988 and 1999 (Technical Editor from 1992). The articles are mostly photography tutorials and tests of cameras, lenses and other photo equipment.


International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW), Bergen 2009


"Inventor of the Year - 2005" Sony Ericsson

"Invention of the Year - 2005" Sony Ericsson

"Scholarship Best Student, Software Programming - 2001" Autic Systems AB

"Best Service Technician - 1988" Konica Europe, Munich


Most of the patents relates to photography. Some are granted while others are pending. The list is not complete.

Autofocus Assembly US7656460, Optical Device Stabilizer EP2179580, Methods, electronic devices, and computer program products for processing images using multiple image buffers BRPI0607848, Force feedback for input devices US2008238635, Led flash control EP1689171, Camera and method in a camera US7697062, Digital cameras with triangulation autofocus systems and related methods US7538813, Actuated multi-faced keys US2007080948, Method and device for creating pictures WO2006094871, Low loss transflective device display US7110062, Touch sensor with tactile feedback US2008169911, Angle correction for camera US7593627, Aiding image composition and/or framing US2007146528, Camera for electronic device WO2007082591, Flash device for an electronic equipment for a wireless communication system and method for operating a flash device for an electronic equipment EP1731955, Color adjustment for camera US7646974, Camera shutter US7628554, Angle correction for camera CN101507261, Active autofocus window JP2006157171, Optical display for portable electronic device WO2007148152, Optical recording apparatus for wireless equipment US7619685, Camera function actuator US7699543, Image capture apparatus, methods and computer program product using auto-focus-generated distance estimates to control flash and image stabilization US7415199, Optical device EP1689148.